ear shapes cut into the top of the paper bag

Step 1

Fold the paper bag in half lengthwise and cut a bunny-ear shape in the bag.

wax paper covered in Washi tape, then cut out into the shape of bunny ears

Step 2

Cover a piece of wax paper with washi tape and cut out two bunny-ear shapes.

washi tape applied to wax paper. Small triangle and circle cut out of the washi tape on wax paper. Small black ovals cut out of black tape for the eyes

Step 3

Cover a small piece of wax paper with washi tape and cut a triangle for a nose, circle for a tail. Use the black tape to cut out small circles for eyes.

ribbon tied around the opening of the bag, just below where the ears begin

Step 4

Tie ribbon around the bag where the ears are cut.

washin tape facial features and ears added to the bag

Step 5

Peel the washi tape from wax paper and stick on the ears and nose. Also add on the black eyes.

washi circle from stet 3 attached to the back of the bag to serve as a tail

Step 6

Peel the last bit of washi tape from the wax paper and stick on the tail.