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Sustainable. Simple. Flourish® Brand.

Meet Flourish®, part of Duck® Brand’s commitment to a greener tomorrow. We understand the importance of sustainable solutions and we’re taking thoughtful steps to get there. Starting with recycled content and safe forestry practices in mailing and moving supplies, Flourish Brand helps you live easily and more responsibly, each day.

  • At launch, all Flourish products consist of recycled content and do not contain plastics in their packaging
  • By 2025, we will explore and achieve sustainable certifications to support the entire Flourish product portfolio
  • By 2030, we will further our efforts towards more sustainable packaging alternatives for Flourish items, including the inks and dyes used in printing
Glass jar being wrapped in Flourish Honeycomb Cushion Wrap

Flourish® Honeycomb Cushion Wrap

Keep objects protected whether they're in the mail or on the move with this recyclable cushion wrap.

  • Die cut honeycomb stretches easily to create loft and cushioning that protects items during mailing or moving, while the space-saving roll is easy to store when not in use
  • Interlocking paper structure attaches to itself, so no tape needed. Simply fold the paper over to secure
  • Curbside recyclable in standard recycling bins
Sticker is being pulled off mailer to expose the side that will stick to itself when closed

Flourish® Honeycomb Recyclable Mailer

Keep items safe during mailing or shipping in an environmentally responsible way with these padded, recyclable mailers.

  • Offers greater impact protection than a standard bubble mailer for better protection during shipping
  • Double-layer seal top flap reduces tearing and high-strength folded bottom ensures the mailer will stay closed during shipping
  • Curbside recyclable in standard recycling bins
Jars completely wrapped in Flourish 100% Recycled Packing Paper in an open box

Flourish® 100% Recycled Packing Paper

Whether moving, shipping or storing, Flourish® Brand 100% Recycled Packing Paper protects your belongings and provides a sustainable alternative without inks or dyes.

  • Non-adhesive paper won't stick to items
  • Protects surfaces from scuffs, scratches and dust to prevent damage while moving or shipping
  • Curbside recyclable in standard recycling bins
A pan being placed in Flourish Kraft Paper within a box

Flourish® 100% Recycled Kraft Paper

From packing up boxes to crafting, this multi-purpose kraft paper has a variety of uses and is made from 100% recycled content.

  • Durable 60 lb. weight protects items better than lightweight kraft paper
  • Paper can be torn by hand or cut to size with scissors for ease of use
  • Curbside recyclable in standard recycling bins
Flourish Spiral Fill in a paper bag with a glass jar being placed into it

Flourish® Spiral Cushion Fill

Add extra protection around items during shipping and gift wrapping with this sustainable alternative to traditional packing peanuts and crinkle paper.

  • Time saving, attractive cushioning that clings to itself. Easy and fast to use — simply lift, shake and fill
  • Expands to 10x its original size for compact, flat storage
  • Curbside recyclable in standard recycling bins

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