12 Pains of Holiday Shipping

Unlike Santa, most of us don’t have elves to take care of properly packing up holiday packages. With shipping deadlines coming up quickly, it’s time to start thinking about getting those presents in the mail. If you don’t know where to begin with sendi

12. Gift wrapping woes

Unfortunately, those gifts won’t wrap themselves! Let your presents take center stage when they reach their destination by trying

11. Materials you can't find under the mistletoe

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the store, not a shipping supply was found, not even one box more. Last-minute shoppers should get ahead of t

10. Too much time away from the tree

Mailing gifts to their destination isn’t just pricey – it’s downright time consuming. Spend less time transporting and more time merrymakin

9. Grinch-like tape guns

Some tape guns can feel like coal in your stocking. To eliminate the frustration of using them,see how to

8. Boxes too big for the chimney

The best present isn’t always shipped in the biggest box. A cardboard container may be a bit too large for small and dainty items, which is likely why 25% of consumers* expect

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7. Poor packing tape that would never make it to the North Pole

Don’t let packing tape that rips and tears make you a Scrooge this holiday season! Duck® brand

6. Lack of sustainable ways to show holiday (shipping) spirit

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to many consumers but finding eco-friendly goods can be challenging. Never fear –

5. Costs so high, you think you’re on the naughty list

Between purchasing materials and paying postage fees, shipping costs can feel sky-high. Prepare to mail presents by factoring the cost of shipping and mailing supplies into

4. Ho-ho-ho heavy boxes that break

Keeping heavy boxes se

3. Shipping in a winter wonderland

A visit from Jack Frost is all fun and games until your holiday gifts are damaged in transit due to cold and wet conditions.

2. Festive fragile items being damaged

Leg lamps aren’t the only fra-gee-lay items being delivered during the holidays!

1. Packages arriving after the First Noel

No one wants to be the person whose gifts arrive after the holidays. That’s probably why over a third of respondents to the Duck® brand survey* said that the biggest ag

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