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  • How-To: Duck Glitter® Christmas Garland

    Make your own Christmas decorations with this glitter garland.

  • How-To: Duck Tape® Santa Calendar

    Give Santa’s beard a trim while counting down the days until Christmas with your own Duck Tape® calendar.

  • How-To: Duck® Washi Snowflake

    Get ready for winter with these fun decorations.

  • How-To: Duck Tape® Tree Décor

    Make Duck Tape® the centerpiece of your holidays with these festive tree decorations.

  • How-To: Duck Tape® Gift Bow

    Add a unique touch with any gift this year with a Duck Tape® bow.

  • Moving & Storage

    Want to make sure your valuables stay safe while in storage or on your next move? Duck® brand products provide protection from the elements, moisture and rough handling, and can help prevent scratches, dings and dents to your furniture.

  • Craft & Décor

    Looking for the right material or inspiration for your next DIY craft project? Duck® brand offers specialty craft tapes like glitter, washi, chalkboard and dry erase to add color and style to your home, office or classroom.

  • Shelf Liner & Bath

    Take your surfaces to a whole new level with a wide assortment of liners perfect for just about any room in your home. Easy Liner® Brand Shelf Liners are easy to install and help keep your shelves and drawers clean, organized, and in style.

  • Mailing & Shipping

    Duck® brand helps make the packing easier with products like Bubble Wrap® Cushioning, packaging tapes, mailing envelopes, boxes, labels and more. From crystal clear tapes to heavy-duty boxes, we’ll help you ship it right the first time.

  • Weatherization

    Stop drafts cold. When winter strikes, Duck® Brand Home Weatherization Products help you save money on costly energy bills. Easy to install, these products help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Office & Mounting

    With a variety of invisible tapes and mounting products, Duck® brand products help keep your home or office neat and organized. Whether you need to hang a picture, wrap a gift or add color to your workspace, these products can help you get it done right.

  • Moving Kits & Supplies

    Duck® brand offers all-in-one solutions and accessories to make your next move easier and your property more secure.

  • Protective Packing & Box Fill

    Perfect for wrapping around your breakables or filling voids, this wide range of products keep your items secure and protected while on the move.