Mounting Tape & Poster Putty

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Whether you need to mount something in your home or office, count on the variety of putty and mounting tape products to help stay organized and on track.

  • Permanent Mounting Tape

    Replace screws, nails or bolts when hanging or mounting with these adhesive tapes that go on easily and work on a variety of surfaces.

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  • Removable Mounting Tape

    Perfect for temporary applications, these mounting tapes are great to decorate and organize on a variety of surfaces in your home or office.

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Decorative Office Tapes

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The days of workplace gray have gone away. From adding chalkboard labels to your office décor or colorful washi tape to ordinary stationary, you can have both personality and functionality in your office.

Invisible Tapes

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Duck® Brand Invisible Tape gets the job done whether you see it or not. Choose any of our innovative invisible tape products for those times when the less you see, the better.

  • Crystal Clear Invisible Tape

    Crystal Clear Tape is translucent, gloss-finish goes on extremely clear so your gift always takes center stage.

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  • Matte Acetate Invisible Tape

    The perfect pick for standard gift-wrap, this non-glossy tape goes on smooth with a matte finish that’s writeable too.

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  • Double Stick Tape

    This two-sided adhesive tape can be discreetly applied to crafts, gift-wrapping and photo albums without the mess of other adhesives.

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Adhesive Rollers

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Cleaner than glue and easy to apply, Duck® Brand Easy-Stick® Adhesive Rollers are ideal for gift-wrapping, sealing, crafting and more.

  • Easy Stick® Adhesive Rollers

    Replace messy adhesives with rollers that are designed for fast, one-hand application on paper-based office, craft and school projects.

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  • FeltMounts™

    Press items on and peel them off again and again with FeltMounts™ memo board, the perfect way to mount lists, notes, photos, and decorative items. The double-sided adhesive sticks to a variety of surfaces, including stainless steel appliances.

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  • EasyMounts™ Interior Drywall Picture Hanger

    EasyMounts™ Interior Drywall Picture Hangers are the perfect solution for hanging picture frames, wall art and home décor up to 15 lbs.

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  • EasyMounts™ Interior Drywall J Hook

    EasyMounts™ Interior Drywall J-Hooks are the perfect solution for holding items up to 15 lbs. This tool-free mounting system installs in seconds and is completely removable – just stick, pin & slide!

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  • EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Hooks

    EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Hooks are the tool-free solution for hanging heavy household and garage items holding up to 50 lbs.

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  • EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Tool Holder

    EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Tool Holders are the perfect solution for hanging shovels, brooms and more. The Holder grips handles up to 1.5 inches thick and supports up to 15 lbs. of weight.

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  • EasyMounts™ Heavy-Duty Drywall Garage Kit

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